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Clan ^motherfucking5




Current Record: -0


^5 is a proud supporter of the MQW client







we think its time to move on to other areas of gaming.  we will be creating a warcraft 3 division soon.  if you are elite, and want to join ^5, that's just too fucking bad; you bitch, we don't want your gay ass. 

- rob

FEB 23

Clan ^5 hits 4000. I would like to thank all of our fans, but especially all the people that hate us. People like dK and scragg make this whole clan worth while. <3 to you guys. Here is the screenshot of it.

- rob

FEB 22

I would like to say congrats to myself and jackal on a perfect game of dm3. You may view the screenshot here; it is fantastic.

- rob

FEB 20

Banned from #qwplayers I think permanently for kicking someone. dK has once again proven himself to be an op Nazi. dK, this one goes out to you. YUO = SUKC

- matt


Well, you better sit down for this one. ^5 has been placed in the losers bracket of PIC. I asked around, and apparent a losers bracket is where you go when you dont 'win' a game. We at ^5 have never really heard of that before. We were placed in this "loser's bracket" because B's mommies made them goto bed before we were able to play.

rob: were an hour late
rob: skit was at work
pg: sry
pg: b had to goto bed
rob: well thats pretty fuckin gay..

We are sorry that skit had to work till 11. Had we have known that B had to be in bed by 9 we could have made arangements to play after their school got out and when they had to be tucked away under the sheets. (4-9 p.m.)

]km[skitter^5: i was at werk :|
rob: gay

n1 gaywads

- rob

JAN 26

[00:58] pg: i think they've stopped updating the ^5 site
[00:58] rob: no
[00:58] instadeath: the joke finally died

"STUF"s go out to instadeath and pg. STUF.

- matt

JAN 13

"[^5 is] harder, better, faster, stronger [than you]" - Daft Punk

- rob

JAN 11

Here at ^5, we believe in bling bling'in whenever possible. Matt showes off his talent with his new Guess watch. ^5.

"mattjeast: it sw0ns."

- rob

JAN 11

^5 has a message, for all the other clans in genocide 5. I could say it here, but it would be more fitting if it was done in song. Download ^5's theme song here.

- rob


UPDATE WEE. Lately, Clan ^5 has been having some fun with webcams. For example, look at what matts brother made for all of you people that are not ^5ians:

Also, Rob has been playing with his webcam, which you can view here.

- rob


^5 and [:X] have merged for the sole purpose of owning every single map thrown at us in the Genocide 5 tournament. Gg. #^5bones on ETG.

- matt


HAPPY NEW YEAR. Big news concerning ^5 and Genocide 5 coming soon.

- matt

DEC 24


- rob

DEC 15

The position of the Clan Vagina has been opened. ^5 has a female member? IT'S POSSIBLE SOON.

- rob

DEC 14

^5 marks its 1,000th win with an amazing score against an almost-worthy opponent. ^5 defeats AG 110 - 0. You will notice rob has zero frags. This is because he went AFK for the entire match in an attempt to make the teams fair. AG forgot who they were playing. No teams are fair when it's ^5 vs. *.

- matt

DEC 12

^5 site hits the 2k mark. ^5 guys.

- matt

DEC 10

They are in! ^5 T-shirts:

E-mail if you are interested in ordering one. Will have price information soon.

- rob

DEC 10

We trimmed some fat, sorry guys. Also, in light of shiv's promotion, matt is now the clan elitist. Congrats.

- rob

DEC 10

Today is a bright day for ^5. Congrats to shiv at being appointed the first ever Secretary of Fun. Remember, there is always room for advancement at ^5; shiv is living proof. I think he deserves a big ^5. Way to go shiv!

- rob

DEC 06

Ok, my friend in Houston has been quite productive lately with his prank calling. Click here to hear him perform as a large black woman ordering pizza, and click here to hear him performing as a homosexual wanting Shipley's jizzum. Oh yeah, Hazard sent this along. I found it humorous. I remember these fairy tales when I was growing up...

- matt

DEC 05


Three words can describe this video. Uh... may... zing.

- matt

DEC 05



- matt













we trim fat

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People Speak Out About the Infamous ^5 (Oh Yeah, and People Who Make Fun of claw)


[14:50] swift: im just wondering what clan he thinks he has a chance of doing good in g5 with
[14:50] KovaaK: ^5 wouldnt let him in
[14:51] rob: yeah
[14:51] swift: ^5 has a core group of pimps

[14:46] swift: we're probably the 2nd best clan in na qw
[14:46] def: i wouldnt have taken anyone
[14:47] swift: with ^5 being #1 obviously
[14:47] rob: yes
[14:47] Kovaak: obviously

[23:03] StylePoints_BoB`unf: omg you cheating fag, bullshit, wtf, how'd you know I was there? bullshit! wall hacker!
[23:04] t5`tomato\blt`: would u like fries with that?
[23:04] matt^5: how about a side of stufing.

[19:47] DarkIdol: shiv, his exlax is all gone :/
[19:47] [Illusion]`qw: stfu you damn bitch
[19:47] DarkIdol: oooo
[19:47] [Illusion]`qw: yes you darkidiot
[19:47] DarkIdol: DEMS FIGHTIN WERDS
[19:47] *** [Illusion]`qw ( has left #qwplayers
[19:48] shiv: "damn bitch"

[17:14] sirex: nice webpage btw
[17:15] matt^5: np.
[17:15] matt^5: thx
[17:15] matt^5: it took me years to code that
[17:15] sirex: ^5 is like known worldwide lol
[17:15] sirex: even in q3

[20:53] pg: hmm i spent 20mins dling that ^5 theme song, and i'm disappointed

[20:46] swift: namer is cool
[20:46] swift: :>
[20:46] dK|chtv: matt isnt
[20:46] pg: matt^5 = mean
[20:46] pg: that is the moral of the story.
[20:46] matt^5: ehaeh
[20:46] swift: matt = mean buffalo

[17:54] rob`: and dont fuck with ^5
[17:54] rob`: or we'll ^5slap your bitch ass

[17:52] slash`: matt
[17:52] matt^5: slash`
[17:52] slash`: ur so gay
[17:52] matt^5: k
[17:52] slash`: it hurts me
[17:52] matt^5: k
[17:52] *** slash` was kicked by rob` (eat a dick)

[13:43] slash`: hahaha\
[13:43] slash`: u guys r beyond gay
[13:43] slash`: can i join

[18:36] FiTH-pinion: rob
[18:36] FiTH-pinion: lemme in ^5
[18:36] rob: what would you do for us
[18:37] FiTH-pinion: id fend off nergros like DarkIdol
[18:37] FiTH-pinion: they would ask
[18:37] FiTH-pinion: id be like

[18:34] DarkIdol: CAN I REJOIN ^5 AS THE DEAN OF DICKLICKING?????????
[18:35] rob: no
[18:35] DarkIdol: fuck you

[00:05] skitter^5: hey
[00:06] skitter^5: someone thats good at qw paste me their command line
[00:06] claw`unf: E:\quake\glmqwcl093.exe -dinput 
[00:06] skitter^5: hey
[00:06] skitter^5: someone thats good at qw  paste me their command line

[11:53] GuPH: i will suck elephant fetuses through a straw just to sport the ^5 tag for 5 minutes
[11:53] |ds|Slash: lol
[11:53] matt: impressive
[11:54] GuPH: head first
[11:54] GuPH: straight out of a pregnant elephant
[11:54] matt: that's pretty gross, but ok
[11:54] GuPH: with my hand in its anus, manipulating the fetus out
[11:55] GuPH: deal?
[11:55] matt: that's enough.

[03:02] beth: hey let me join
[03:02] rob`: okay
[03:02] rob`: what would you do for us
[03:03] beth: i would fufill the sexual needs and desires of my fellow club members to the best of my ability
[03:03] rob`: DEAL

[01:45] jai: ah, i finally see one of the famous ^5 people speak...
[01:46] eva-genocide: lol
[01:46] eva-genocide: matt famous
[01:46] eva-genocide: wtf
[01:46] eva-genocide: matt = nobody

[17:54] rob`: if we what?
[17:54] rob`: whats that
[17:54] rob`: 'lose'?
[17:54] matt^5: I think that's what all the other teams do

[22:08] oZ-sephiroth: you faggots are making t-shirts?

[14:06] |ds|Special-K: you put the Faggo in Faggot

[17:08] dK|chtv: [matt is] the most annoying person in the world

[10:39] xhrl: hehe, have they played ag on dm3?
[10:39] [john]: yes
[10:39] [john]: we got owned
[10:39] * rob` nods
[10:39] [john]: they arent 904-1 are they?
[10:39] xhrl: really?
[10:39] [john]: they are
[10:39] [john]: 905
[10:39] [john]: and
[10:39] [john]: ZERO

[21:44] [john]: one time rob was at quad and he mid-aired 5 deathrow guys with quad..... a true ^5 if i ever saw one
[21:44] rob: yeah
[21:44] [john]: at once
[21:44] rob: litterally
[21:44] rob: a HIGH FIVE

[17:57] DarkIdol: ^20/4
[17:58] matt^5: ^cuberoot125
[17:58] DarkIdol: ^5tfu

[23:16] matt^5: I'm seriously going to pass out on my keyboard
[23:16] matt^5: I think I may die
[23:17] wrecker[ins]: die matt
[23:17] wrecker[ins]: the world will be a better place

[00:23] rob: "/\FIVE" - gol
[00:23] rob: is two less letters
[00:23] gol: WHAT?!
[00:23] rob: than actually doing
[00:23] rob: HIGH FIVE
[00:24] rob: NOT COOL ENUF
[00:24] gol: but /\ looks better
[00:24] rob: ^5
[00:24] rob: no
[00:24] gol: kthxbyegg:(
[00:24] rob: ^ is a smaller version of /\
[00:25] Sniperman: you're both idiots

[12:06] gool: 1x1x1x1x1!=6
[12:06] gool: er 5
[12:06] DarkIdol: er
[12:06] DarkIdol: 1x1x1x1x1x = 1
[12:06] DarkIdol: heh
[12:06] matt^5: moron

[23:02] kenneh: the qw community needs more clans like ^5

[17:00] Partisan: what is ^5
[17:00] claw`unf: best clan ever

[21:18] [CH]Ass: I would sneak everyone into the movies and get a bag of popcorn and pop it open and throw it over everyone, then they would eat it all and then I would make them all shit, then I would eat the remaining kernals in the shit, and then eat the kernals in my shit that were in the shit that I made them shit from the kernals I made them eat.

[00:31] ken`food: can i join ^5?
[00:31] ken`food: ill suck your penise

[17:41] u`dist: can I join high five
[17:41] u`dist: i'll toss everyone's salad

[11:51] claw`unf: can I join ^5
[11:51] claw`unf: i'll mow yer lawn
[11:51] matt^5: claw you already do that
[11:52] claw`unf: i'll mow it forever

[23:58] kenneh: btw
[23:58] kenneh: i would just like to say
[23:58] kenneh: ^5 is the best clan ever
[23:58] kenneh: ^5 is the michael jordan except a team of computer gaming

[01:20] rob: guys
[01:20] rob: what was the coolest clan
[01:20] rob: in quake history
[01:20] matt^5: ^5.
[01:20] rob: YES
[01:21] rob: ^5.
[01:21] crackerjack`: i dono guys 4ce is pretty cool too

[23:51] DC`brute: can i join ^5
[23:52] rob: what would you do for us
[23:52] DC`brute: lick your eyeballs

[23:53] crackerjack: if i could join ^5 i would dress up as snow white...and let you guys cover me with your jizzum

[23:54] light: I would let you tatoo ^5 inside my anus

[14:28] crackerjack: im tight with ^5 and they arent even letting me in
[14:28] STEEK: yeah he paid us 20$ to wear the tag for one match
[14:29] claw`unf: dood I cut their grass for free
[14:29] claw`unf: on top of that
[14:29] claw`unf: I rake the fucken leaves too

[14:35] stx-Vile: all your abandoned base are belong to ^5

[08:23] FiTH-fiend: their last match furman was watching
[08:23] FiTH-fiend: and he didnt eat a single thing or fall asleep
[08:23] FiTH-fiend: when he watched
[08:23] FiTH-fiend: they are THAT good
[08:23] FiTH-fiend: ^5

[08:49] FiTH-pinion: i bet u wanna smoke my penis
[08:49] [john]: i bet everyone in this channel would
[08:49] rob`: k
[08:49] [john]: if it would get em in ^5

[08:50] swift`: rob
[08:50] FiTH-pinion: to join ^5
[08:50] swift`: i will give you a rimjob to rejoin ^5
[08:50] swift`: WHILE YOU'RE TAKING A DUMP
[08:50] swift`: BEAT THAT

[08:55] swift`: rob, i would punch claw in the mouth and then use his broken jagged teeth to mow your lawn and trim your hedges to wear da ^5

[09:32] eva-g3no|afkAGAIN: i would masturbate less to join ^5

[22:01] crackerjack: to join ^5 i would eat the corn out of matt's shit

[10:58] deftronic[xhp]: i would let everyone in ^5 run through my g/f if they'd let me sport the tag for just one night
[10:58] [john]: hahahah
[10:59] viper: i don't think they would want to mess with a 300lbs girl



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