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Rob Trexler





Date of Meeting:           11/13/03

Members Attending:     Rob, Elvin, Jillian, Lisa, Jeff, Jim

Members Absent:         NONE

Location of Meeting:     Jeff’s Apartment

Topics Discussed:         TAR 8/TAR7


Briefly record individual roles

Captain            Rob

Reflector          Elvin

Recorder          Jillian

Spokesperson  Lisa

Optimist           Jeff

Skeptic Jim


Individual Review

To be completed by all team members and submitted individually, please use complete sentences.


1. Briefly outline the decisions your team made at its meeting?

            We covered the TAR 7 and TAR 8 questions this week.  They had to do mostly with revenue and expenses—the accounting stuff.  Also, risk was involved somewhere with TAR 8.  We decided during the first year we are going to probably make a very little amount of money, if not lose money altogether.


2. Which team member contributed the most at this meeting? What did he or she do?

            Jeff actually had a ton of good input.  I also worked the calculator to get the numbers we needed for the TAR7


3. What was YOUR greatest contribution to the team at this meeting?

            I crunched the numbers and offered some input as to how to go about the questions


4. What improvements can your make to improve your performance on your team?

            The concern is now shifted strictly to the business plan and getting it done well before Tuesday evening.


5. What improvements can the entire team make to improve its performance?

            Everyone has to show up next week, because we are going to work on the business plan and assign who is going to do which portions.  Its very important everyone shows up.